I'm RIGHT (brained)!

To say I was a bad student growing up would be putting it lightly. I hated most every subject except anything creative. Math, history, government, science, social studies, economics, to name a few, were literally the worst parts of my week - and basically my entire high school career, ha! It's a joke in my family to say "Sarah only went to school to socialize."

I cant say that's wrong. haha!

Those subjects drained me, left me feeling less than, and at times even stupid because I just didn't get it. I was fully aware that my mind just didn't work that never would, and to be honest, it still doesn't.

I remember crying over school work at a very young age, third grade is when I remember this vividly...telling my mom and teachers CONSTANTLY that I just couldn't do it. I had very few teachers who took the time to sit down and SHOW me the process of a given assignment and allow me to learn visually.

Thankfully, I went to a performing arts high school my junior and senior year, and did have some classes that I excelled tremendously in. Photography, dance, english, art.

I mean, not to brag but I was the only Freshman In Senior Art! I just didn't know that those subjects could be careers. I wasn't ever pushed to pursue what I WAS good at.

Just call me Cher, because I was clueless. ;)

You see, it took me years after high school to realize that I wasn't less than. I wasn't going to fail in life because I barely, and I mean BARELY, graduated high school. I simply learned that I'm a totally RIGHT brained person. I can visualize things as they're being told to me, or before the brush hits the canvas. I see in colors, and at 34 still have an imagination. My intuition is always on point, I can read people very well, and I find myself in awe of the beauty in everything artistic.

Lucky for me, God blessed me with a TOTALLY left brained husband. So together we make one brain! HAHAHAHAHA! Just kidding!! He probably has 2 brains in his head with how smart he is!

It was Brian who saw me casually doodling one day a few years ago and said "I had no idea you were an artist! You surprise me every day with something new."

Those simple words of praise sparked something within me. "Artist?" YES, it hit me, I am an artist!! I started dabbling in more aspects of art and ultimately found myself loving to paint! There is something so wonderful about the endless possibilities of a blank canvas.

My husband gifted me an easel and I'll never forget it, he said to me, "I want to see you make something of your art, because you're amazing." That single gift, that single statement, was all I needed for the confidence in what I always felt I was made to do come to life.

In the past 2 years, I have had my artwork displayed in two art shows in Dallas, sold several pieces, created many custom commissions, been asked to do 2 charity events, painted a wall, had a phone conference with an artist I hugely admire on how to grow my business, I have a meeting this week with my favorite coffee shop who is wanting 7 pieces for their store, and will have my artwork in a local business here soon.

The point of sharing my story with you is to inspire you to listen to your heart and listen to those you trust. Don't try to squeeze into a box that you don't fit into. It's never to late to live the life that you were created for...that maybe no one ever told you that you could live!

If you are an analytical, facts based, logical person, then be YOU! Go change the world in ways only YOU can do! But if you are like me, in a world where the Arts aren't often looked at as a successful path to take...remember that YOU are special, you add color to a black and white world, you will create the future in beautiful ways, and you have a purpose!

Trust God's plan. Trust your heart. And Be-YOU-tiful!


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