A HUGE Thank You!

2020 started out with a bang as far as my artwork goes. I was so excited to start the year with one of the largest art shows in Dallas, Chocolate & Art Show. Then Covid hit and several opportunities were cancelled. However, because of so many of you, I was still able to create. So this post is for all of say THANK YOU! Thank you to everyone who purchased art, ordered commissioned art, supported me by visiting my first solo gallery, asked me to create art for church events, hung my art in your place of buisness, or even let me paint your entire hallway wall. It is not lost on me how blessed I am to have such loving, supportive, and encouraging people in my corner. My heart is full, I love you all, and I am excited for the new opportunities 2021 will bring for all of us!

Please keep me in mind if you or someone you know is looking for a special piece of art for place of business or home.

With love,

Sarah Lynn

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