A blank canvas..

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

There is really nothing better than sitting in front of a blank canvas. For me it's a moment, to let my imagination run wild. Sorting through color choices, envisioning the strokes, deciding the textures to use. It's a feeling of complete freedom knowing that I get to decide.

It's a bit like life really. God says that His mercies are new each morning. He is the God of 2nd chances. You might even say, the God of the "blank canvas."

Each day, like a painting, we get to decide the choices we will make. We can paint in bright colors or we can paint in gloomy and dark colors. What we choose, in either situation, will ultimately create the feelings we want to portray or the way our day will look.

The brushes are in our hands.

Create something beautiful!

With love,

Sarah Lynn

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